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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Dear Shareholders,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


The year 2019 was a period of further achievement and considerable success. Through its focus on inclusive Insurance, Central Insurance is delivering inclusive value, sharing success with investors, customers, employees and the society.


As we step into the 32nd year of the Company’s business operation, Central Insurance Company Limited can proudly assert that it has persistently strived to achieve optimum value for its shareholders from the very onset of this enterprise. As we have persistently strived with our policy to act as a responsible steward of our Shareholders Capital by analyzing and engaging in opportunities in the light of their ability to deliver profitable growth at an appropriate level of risk. We remain thankful to you and all other stakeholders for extending their continuous support to the Company.


Notwithstanding, various contains prevailing in the insurance sector last year the company witnessed an impressive momentum. Central Insurance achieved Taka 362.12 million in Gross Premium in 2019. This is indicated by 3.21% more considering the year 2018.


There was an impressive increase of 11.33% in underwriting profit to Taka 45.95 million as opposed to Taka 41.27 million in 2018. The net pre-tax and post-tax operating profit was Taka 130.34 million and Taka 100.89 million respectively over the preceding year.


Despite the challenge and complying all the instructions of our regulatory IDRA, the financial strength of our Company gradually increasing total assets stand at Tk. 1859.60 million where fixed deposit rose to Tk. 573.92 million.


Central Insurance always emphasized on professionalism and relied on the dynamic leadership. We believe that our skilled manpower is dedicated towards responding to customers’ requirement with utmost transparency and efficiency. Therefore, fostering apposite human resources remains one of our key priorities to be able to serve customers better and establish competitive edge over our competitors. We used equal attention in launching our latest IT infrastructure and stretched network coverage to its optimum capacity.

We believe that Central Insurance Company Limited will remain committed, to overcome the challenges in future and will achieve remarkable business growth. We acknowledge gratitude to our clients and shareholders for their outstanding support and trust in us. We would like to thanks the Banks and Financial Institutions with whom we have extensive dealings along with the regulations, Stock Exchanges of Dhaka and Chittagong, BSEC, Sadharan Bima Corporation, Government bodies and Stakeholders for their continuous Co-operation and support. Based on the operating profits for 2019, we have proposed a Cash dividend @7% and Bonus @5%.


On behalf of the Board I would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to the management and staff of the Company for their outstanding work in adherence to Company’s vision. The diligence of the management team and the staff paid dividends, driving the Company’s forward and achieve commendable results. I would also like to record our deepest appreciation for their dedicated and confining services and convey our thanks to all of them. Hope they will continue to strive better in the year to come.


In closing, I would like to say that we are looking forward to the continuous successive business operation of our Company in the year ahead. We are confident that 2020 will be another successful year.





Alhaj Md. Masud Hossain

Hon'ble Chairman


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am pleased to introduce Central Insurance’s Annual Report-2019. The Company has once again produced a respectable set of challenge and change.


Throughout the year 2019, the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA) of Bangladesh have issued several directives in order to bring discipline amongst the 78 insurers i.e. insurance industry in the country. While the Insurance market in Bangladesh had the modest development in the year 2019, we keep building on our strength. Central Insurance Company Limited is a well-balance business, primed to create sustainable value for customers, shareholders and employees.


Since its inception in 1987, Central Insurance Company Limited through into continued steady

development under the guidance of our honorable Chairman and keen interest of our honorable Vice-Chairman, support of the members of the Board of Directors, Continued confidence of our valued customers and confining endeavor of the management team. We also recognize our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the nation building activities. In this regard, we are also working for promoting the public awareness about the socio-economic role of insurance.


In our way to settle every valid claim a shorter span of time, we attempt to improve our core competency in claims management. Because we want to reflect in our every dealing that insurance must be the ones who are in the business of indemnify policyholders when misfortunate’s do strike.


We believe in core Competency, Which can effectively be converted into an aid to our future growth potentials


We also believe in long term competitive advantages in certain operational aspects, such as diversification of customer base, innovation of products and expanding geographical position. In 2019 we successfully step into informational Technology based products.


Besides these, during the year 2019, our emphasis was the following field:


  • Diversifying our products
  • Maximizing our profit portfolio
  • Optimizing our costing


We understand that healthy employee is happy employee in order to keep our employees healthy.

Thus, we arrange congenial environment to our staffs for ensuring self-motivation in discharging

responsibilities in most professional manner. In addition to offering internal training at our training institute. We engage our employees trainings offered by locally.


Compliance to regulations introduced by Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA) is our top priority. It is our strength, which facilitates good corporate governance and adequate service levels bring sustainability. We also abide by the regulatory changes made by Bangladesh Bank and Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission.


Finally, I would like to convey my thanks to all of our stakeholders and colleagues for their wholehearted support and my sincere gratitude to Board of Directors’ for sharing their insights and wisdom. Relying upon these loving commitments from all corners, I firmly believe Central Insurance shall be the insurer of choice in Bangladesh.


Warm Regards,



Md. Badrul Amin 

Chief Executive Officer (C.C.)


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