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Company Profile


Central Insurance Company Limited (CICL) was established in 1987. Central Insurance Company Limited is one of Bangladesh's leading non-life insurance companies with specialized and significant expertise in both traditional and nontraditional insurance businesses ethically. In addition, it has its dynamic leadership in management.


Central Insurance Company Limited has an authorized capital of Tk 1,000 million, of which Tk 531.45 million has been fully subscribed and paid-up by its shareholders.


Considering CICL’s sound financial performance, high solvency margin, excellent liquidity, prudent underwriting, diversified ownership model, very high claim paying capability, strong protection factors, the Company has been awarded ‘AA’ Credit Rating by Credit Rating Information and Services Limited (CRISL), one of the accredited Credit Rating Agencies of Bangladesh.


CICL’s products include Fire, Marine Cargo, Marine Hull, Engineering, Overseas Mediclaim & Holiday, Motor, Various Liability, Aviation Hull & Liability and Miscellaneous Insurances.


Central deems claims settlement to be the most excellent way to achieve customer satisfaction, resulting in increased business acquisition. To ensure swiftness in settling claims, Central has used information technology, skilled surveyors and qualified loss adjusters.


Central Insurance always works hard for all clients to deliver innovative products and services while maintaining a commitment to safety, security and sustainability.


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